May 15 2015

Mathematica Intro Workshops for Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

With Dr. Lukman B. A. Rahim kind arrangement, a Mathematica Introductory Workshop was conducted for FASD lecturers on 14May2015 (Friday).

The workshop is focused on getting the lecturers who had no previous Mathematica experience with the following:

1) Download and Setup
2) Parallel and Job Submission to HPCC
3) Creating Teaching Materials
4) Linking Mathematica with E-learning.

Due to the time constraints, participants were only completed with basic features from the Handout. However, they were guided on where/how to look for solutions and examples so that they could get going whenever they have any questions later.

Afternoon section were then taken over by Mr. Samsul Ariffin from FASD, an experienced Mathematica user for many years. He shared some good examples in a humor style. Participants were interested and enjoyed with the exercises during the afternoon session.


20150515_151525 20150515_170422