Aug 28 2015

ICREM7 By UPM on 25-27 Aug 2015

The “7th International Conference on Research and Education in Mathematics” organised by UPM-INSPEM was a great success! Congratulation to the organization committee.


We are honored to be one of the supporting agencies for this event and very fortunate to meet many brilliant people from around the world gather at this conference.

We are truly excited to meet the keynote speaker: Emeritus Prof. Dr. John Butcher from University of Auckland, New Zealand, who has been contributing to MATHEMATICA¬†Numerical Differential Equation Analysis Package decades ago. There are now twenty over functions in MATHEMATICA named after him, eg: ButcherTrees / ButcherSimplify / ButcherPlot / ButcherHeight / ButcherPhi / ButcherSigma / ButcherOrder etc…

20150825 ICREM7 KL