Aug 10 2015

Mathematica Workshop for UTP Discrete Mathematics Class

Special thanks to Dr. Amy Foong for inviting OEMS IntiPakar Corporation Sdn. Bhd. to present an adjunct lecture for Discrete Mathematics using Mathematica.

The two hours workshop that conducted by our director Mr. Peter Lim, focus on the Discrete Math applications on Euler Graph, Hamilton Graph and Huffman Code.

When we arrived at UTP computer lab 02-01-09 around 9am on the 7th August 2015, which is an hour before the workshop, we were surprised that some of the students were already in the class! A bonus mark should have extended to those who had completed the assignment- Get the Mathematica license installed and activated on their laptops before the workshop.



Peter has demonstrated how Graph theories could be easily created and presented with Mathematica. Students were then given ample of hands-on exercises to create their own graphs in Mathematica. They were so awesome that most of them could complete their exercises within a few minutes.



Although only Graph Theory was shared during this Mathematica workshop, we sincerely wish that all the students from this class could further explore all the other possibilities areas in their advanced courses with the world’s most powerful computational tool – WOLFRAM MATHEMATICA

All the best!