Feb 19 2016

Examine Human Anatomy Content in Wolfram Computable Format

Anatomy_Heart1Perhaps you would like to study human anatomy, or simply interested to find out more about our body system, Wolfram Mathematica has make it possible for you with a readily computable format at your fingertips.Anatomy_Heart arterial

You could easily gain insight into how individual anatomical structures interplay in the human body and explore it from entire organ systems down to microscopic ganglia.


Anatomy_Leg Muscles

Wolfram Language provides a list of muscles that are part of the leg


Check out the Wolfram Blog: Dissecting the New Anatomy Content in the Wolfram Language from Keiko Hirayama – Wolfram|Alpha Developer, Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content.

There are lots of interesting examples in the blog and you could also download the post as a Computable Document Format (CDF) file.