Mar 17 2016

Discrete Mathematics Workshop for Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, 16/03/2016


A workshop on Discrete Mathematics with MATHEMATICA by OEMS Intipakar Corporation was arranged by Ms. Amy Foong and Dr. Abas, lecturers from CIS department, for the students on March 16, 2016 at UTP computer lab.

It’s a fun learning session with the students comes up with fast and precise answer with confidence!

20160316_163227_trimmedThis two hours session engaged the 1st year CIS student to explore actively on the examples in LOGIC and PROBABILITY (BAYES’ THEOREM) with basic programming of Wolfram Language. The class was awesome with full participation, solving the problems by learning the topics with hands-on examples and interactive visualizations through Wolfram technologies such as Wolfram|Alpha, MathWorld and Wolfram Demonstration Project.

Early exposure to MATHEMATICA, the modern technical computing tool, shall greatly benefit the students especially when they reach their advanced study. Individual UTP students could now get the Mathematica license at zero cost at here.

All UTP lecturer/researcher/student could get the free standalone Mathematica license here:

UTP Discrete Maths 20160316_3UTP Discrete Maths 20160316_2UTP Discrete Maths 20160316_1