Jun 06 2016

Free Virtual Workshop: Solving Image Processing Problems

Solving Image Processing Problems:

Wolfram image processing experts show you how to use built-in Wolfram Language functions to process and analyze images with one integrated workflow. Learn how to tackle problems involving images, no matter your current level of familiarity with image processing or the Wolfram Language.


Coming Session:  

23 June 2016 (Thursday),  Malaysia Time 01.00am – 03.00am

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Workshop Highlights

Wolfram Language One-Liners for Image Processing
Identify pictures, detect people, classify images, read text, segment blobs, and more in just a single line of code. Using built-in data, even the most complicated tasks can be completed in just a few lines.


Real-World Image Processing Application
This talk walks you through the project workflow of a real-world image processing application using the latest Wolfram Language functionality.


An Overview of 2D and 3D Image Processing
Explore the scope of image processing capabilities in the Wolfram Language. This talk covers classical and state-of-the-art algorithms as well as function categories, including morphological processing, color analysis, image filtering, segmentation, geometric transformations, feature detection, and computer vision.