Oct 11 2016

Wolfram Malaysia Technology Tour 2016


Learn about the latest ideas in computation from Wolfram Research experts and other professionals, and get behind-the-scenes insights into the technology that makes them accessible. The half-day conference will address the whole enterprise computation workflow from exploration to development to deployment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



ONLY 50 SEATS available for each site on 1st come 1st served basic.

* Hurry up, registration closed on 07 Nov 2016





For details on the topics and schedule, refer here:

Pictures from the events:


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Speakers and their Presentations

Arvind Rajan   –   Using Mathematica and webMathematica in Engineering Research

Prof. Dr. Bernardine Renaldo Wong   –   Teaching and Learning Using Wolfram|Alpha

Desmond Lim   –   Using Computable Document Format (CDF)

A. Prof. Dr. R. U. Gobithaasan  –  Empowering Industrial Design by Research-Led Teaching with Wolfram Mathematica

Mohammad Haniff bin Mohd Ridzun   –   a) Face detection     b) LMS with CDF     c) Workbench

Peter Lim   –   Wolfram Mathematica and the Internet of Things

Samsul Ariffin bin Abdul Karim   –   Mathematica for Computer-Aided Geometric Design (CAGD)

Dr. Yazariah Binti Mohd Yatim   –   Mathematics Is Beautiful: It Should Be Explored and Enjoyed