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Sep 21 2017

It’s Another Impressive Release! Launching Mathematica Version 11.2

Announcing the latest from our R&D pipeline: Version 11.2 of the Wolfram Language and Mathematica. With all kinds of additions and enhancements, including Connectivity & Machine Learning, External Programs (Python, JavaScript, …), 3D Computational Geometry, Audio and Image Processing, Mathematical Computation, Task Handling & much more. Find out more detail from Stephen Wolfram at Wolfram …

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Jul 26 2017

SystemModeler 5 Now Available!

  Announcing SystemModeler 5: Symbolic Parametric Simulation, Modular Reconfigurability and 200 New Built-in Components   Published by Wolfram News  July 25, 2017 Roger Germundsson, Director of Research & Development Jan Brugård, CEO, Wolfram MathCore Patrik Ekenberg, Applications Engineer, Wolfram MathCore   Our goal with SystemModeler is to provide a state-of-the-art environment for modeling, simulation—and analytics—that leverages the Wolfram …

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Jun 09 2017

Launching the Wolfram Data Repository: Data Publishing that Really Works

The Wolfram Data Repository is officially launched!     A decade-long project comes to fruition: a true computable data repository for immediate visualization, analysis and more, including publishing your own datasets The Wolfram Data Repository is a public resource that hosts an expanding collection of computable datasets, curated and structured to be suitable for immediate …

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Mar 17 2017

Launching Mathematica Version 11.1

A Minor Release That’s Not Minor ! Hundreds of new and enhanced functions covering Machine Learning, Neural Nets, Audio, and other improved functionality:   Lots of New Functions Here’s a word cloud of new functions in Version 11.1:      

Sep 28 2016

Webinars: New in the Wolfram Language and Mathematica Version 11

  With the release of Mathematica 11, a three-decade tradition of aggressive innovation continues—strengthening core capabilities and adding major new areas in the Wolfram Language. In these free online events, our experts provide an overview of new and improved features, from robust machine learning to enhancements to the Wolfram Cloud. There will be an opportunity …

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Aug 09 2016

Mathematica 11 released today!

Message from Stephen Wolfram, the Founder & CEO of Wolfram Research   ” I’m excited to be able to tell you that we’re releasing Mathematica 11 today, and you should receive it soon.   We’ve been working very hard on Mathematica 11 for several years (I’ve personally put a few thousand hours into it), and I’m very pleased at …

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Mar 08 2016

Mathematica 10.4 Adds Robust Array of Improvements

A new version of the renowned Mathematica program is available. Version 10.4 capitalizes on the latest enhancements to the Wolfram Language to deliver significant new functionality for cloud services and systems, geographic and geometric computation, dynamic visualization, creating interactive applications, and a robust array of other improvements. Additional details about this release are available here. …

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Dec 03 2015

Newly Updated: Wolfram SystemModeler 4.2

Announcing Wolfram SystemModeler 4.2 Published by Wolfram News   Today marks the release of Wolfram SystemModeler 4.2. Wolfram SystemModeler 4.2 improves core performance and adds features in usability and integration with the Wolfram Language, as well as many quality gains. »    

Nov 03 2015

Wolfram CDF Player 10.3 Is Now Available!

Download Wolfram CDF Player 10.3 for free or upgrade to Wolfram CDF Player Pro 10.3.»   What is Computable Document Format™(CDF)? Today’s online documents are like yesterday’s paper—flat, lifeless, inactive. Instead, CDF puts easy-to-author interactivity at its core, empowering readers to drive content and generate results live. A Quick Introduction to CDF (1:14)

Oct 25 2015

Mathematica 10.3 Is Now Available!

Wolfram is proud to announce the release of Mathematica 10.3. This upgrade rapidly continues to build out areas first introduced in Version 10, while further refining already best-in-class  capabilities. Version 10.3 offers increased text processing functionality and new anatomical, linguistic, and geographic data. Now you can get connected to GoogleCalendar, GoogleContacts, and Yelp data, as well …

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