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What is this product?

Wolfram’s original flagship technical computation product, continuously expanded for three decades, and now available both on desktop and in the cloud.

Visit the Mathematica website to find out more.


Who is it for?

Users include engineers, statisticians, mathematicians, scientists, economists, financial analysts, researchers, hobbyists, artists, educators, students, and many others.


Current users

Mathematica is relied on today by millions of enthusiastic users around the world, from students and hobbyists to key figures at Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, government agencies, industrial research labs, financial institutions, technology companies, medical institutions… the list goes on. For a glimpse at the diverse range of people using Mathematica, visit our customer stories page.


General features

Mathematica provides a single integrated, continually expanding system that covers the breadth and depth of technical computing. For details, visit the Overview of Mathematica pages.


New features in the latest releases

For other releases, visit Quick Revision History of Mathematica.


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Training available?

Yes. Wolfram Training provides a variety of quick-start and in-depth courses, offered live or on demand.