Aug 24

Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica Training Tutorials


Learn how to use Mathematica and the Wolfram Language in this hands-on training course featuring live Q&A led by Wolfram experts.

white spikesMultiple events will be held throughout this August and September. Find a session that works for you, and register now to reserve your spot. (Mathematica is required for this course.)

Aug 21

Satellite Image Processing – HotSpot Detection

With simple algorithm, Mathematica could auto detect the total number and area of hotspots in a satellite image. On top of that, interactive output could be easily deployed as an application and even embedded into website as below.

Aug 12

CDF: 3D Skeletal Anatomy of the Foot

Featured Project Powered with MATHEMATICA CDF (Computational Document Format)

Select the bones of the foot by name to see them highlighted in interactive 3D graphics.

Use this as an aid in learning the names of the bones. The big toe (or the hallux) has fewer bones than the other toes, and thus there is no first medial phalange.

Aug 10

Mathematica Workshop for UTP Discrete Mathematics Class

Special thanks to Dr. Amy Foong for inviting OEMS IntiPakar Corporation Sdn. Bhd. to present an adjunct lecture for Discrete Mathematics using Mathematica.

The two hours workshop that conducted by our director Mr. Peter Lim, focus on the Discrete Math applications on Euler Graph, Hamilton Graph and Huffman Code.

When we arrived at UTP computer lab 02-01-09 around 9am on the 7th August 2015, which is an hour before the workshop, we were surprised that some of the students were already in the class! A bonus mark should have extended to those who had completed the assignment- Get the Mathematica license installed and activated on their laptops before the workshop.



Peter has demonstrated how Graph theories could be easily created and presented with Mathematica. Students were then given ample of hands-on exercises to create their own graphs in Mathematica. They were so awesome that most of them could complete their exercises within a few minutes.



Although only Graph Theory was shared during this Mathematica workshop, we sincerely wish that all the students from this class could further explore all the other possibilities areas in their advanced courses with the world’s most powerful computational tool – WOLFRAM MATHEMATICA

All the best!



Aug 03

Mathematica v10.2 is Released!





  • Translated code captions to help non-English speakers understand Wolfram Language code
  • New volume and discrete data visualization functionality: SliceDensityPlot3D and ListStepPlot
  • Numerical solving of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for ODEs and PDEs
  • New capabilities for text search and analysis
  • New and updated methods for both supervised and unsupervised machine learning
  • Automatic mail processing with MailReceiverFunction and MailResponseFunction
  • Time series and statistics updates, including support for intensity measures in Histogram
  • Added operations for lists and associations, including automatic removal of elements using Nothing
  • Expanded cloud usage and deployment options for permissions control, scheduled tasks, data logging, and local objects
  • Image processing techniques for computational photography including tone mapping, exposure combination, and more
  • Extensive geometric computing enhancements for basic and mesh regions
  • An international Alphabet, plus a full range of technical and other character sets and encodings
  • Support for more geometry and data file formats, with dramatically improved STL import/export and streamlined JSON

May 28

STELLAR-ICeL 2015: The 5th International Conference on e-Learning


The 5th International Conference on e-Learning STELLAR-ICeL 2015 is hosted by University Teknologi MARA at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from the 26-28 May 2015.


Academicians and professionals from various educational fields gathered and worked on encompassing conceptual analysis, designing implementation and performance evaluation that embraces the theme

“Envisioning The Future Of Online Education”.





Wolfram Mathematica, the world’s best technology to education, fully integrate into Moodle-like LMS and MOOCs, making the e-learning experience exciting and alive! 


Whether you’re teaching algebra or economics, education or animation, Wolfram tools give students and faculty a proven path to faster learning, deeper engagement, and the latest transferable skills.

With Wolfram tools, faculty can deliver compelling interactive lectures and material—and students can easily generate self-testing problems and get customized tutor-style solutions.

Find out what Computational Document Format (CDF) could do for your classroom education / e-Learning today!



May 15

Mathematica Intro Workshops for Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

With Dr. Lukman B. A. Rahim kind arrangement, a Mathematica Introductory Workshop was conducted for FASD lecturers on 14May2015 (Friday).

The workshop is focused on getting the lecturers who had no previous Mathematica experience with the following:

1) Download and Setup
2) Parallel and Job Submission to HPCC
3) Creating Teaching Materials
4) Linking Mathematica with E-learning.

Due to the time constraints, participants were only completed with basic features from the Handout. However, they were guided on where/how to look for solutions and examples so that they could get going whenever they have any questions later.

Afternoon section were then taken over by Mr. Samsul Ariffin from FASD, an experienced Mathematica user for many years. He shared some good examples in a humor style. Participants were interested and enjoyed with the exercises during the afternoon session.


20150515_151525 20150515_170422

Apr 10

Demonstration for Razak School – UTM KL

With the kind arrangement of Dr. Norzaida Abas – the Head of Science Panel,

we have presented a demonstration in MATHEMATICA technologies on 08 April 2015 for

UTM KL – Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology

Lecturers from Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology are given the full access to Mathematica network licenses that extended from the UTM Skudai campus at no cost to them. Moreover, they are also entitled to free Mathematica standalone license installed at their personal computer.


Apr 10


It’s indeed our great honor to be one of the sponsors again for 3rd MISG 2015: 6-10 April at UTM KL.

UTM has teamed up with Oxford University’s world leading mathematics-in-industry researchers for the first and second MISG in the Region. UPM joined the team in this 3rd MISG event.

Participants of MISG2015 were interested to find out their problems could be easily solved with WOLFRAM MATHEMATICA

Participants of MISG2015 were interested to find out their problems could be easily solved with WOLFRAM MATHEMATICA

MISG are collaborative problem-solving workshops where applied mathematicians tackle real life problems shared by companies. They help rapidly determine the key scientific issues and mathematical challenges to be confronted.


Mar 13

Mathematica for Teaching & Education with LMS

A short hands-on workshop on “How to improve classroom teaching with Mathematica” was conducted for Pusat Pengajian Sains Matematik – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on 13Mar2015.

Lecturers are so excited to find out that they could make their classroom education so much fun and interactive with all the available resources from Wolfram Demonstration Project. Moreover, all those open code demonstration could be embedded and run directly on their existing LMS! Awesome!

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